Rollick - The Best Ice Cream parlour near me

Our Journey

Indians have always had a sweet tooth, and three decades ago, this inspired us to create a sweet-spot in their hearts. Rollick was born in Kolkata, with a range of delectable frozen desserts. Before we knew it Rollick carts were serving icy treats to people around every corner.

Kids loved the colourful popsicles, adults became kids too, relishing the creamy goodness of each scoop. Sunny hot afternoons became cooler with Rollick, and the last bell of the school meant making a dash for a cup full of joy. Any celebration including marriages ended on a sweeter note with Rollick.

It was rewarding to see the love for a product we created with so much passion. As the bond grew our resolve to make it better and richer, grew stronger too.

With a state-of-the-art quality controlled laboratory, pure ingredients and carefully selected flavours we make sure we serve nothing but the best. The endeavour is further strengthened with ISO 22000 certified automated production units in Kolkata & Ranchi and a network of over 800 distributors. Currently our distribution network is spread across 15 states and we are delighted to be one of the largest ice cream manufacturers in Eastern India. For us, this is just the beginning.We have miles to go, finding our way to the hearts of more and more people, creating yummy moments that melt into memories.